A drop of love

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A drop of love and forgiveness can cause the same ripples around and will make the world a better place to live. This is the message delivered by the Automaton created using Fusion 360. This course covers the essential training to design this model in Fusion 360.
Your learning journey starts with the basics of Fusion 360 and moves towards assembly. We then look into making a simple cam model. Later we will increase the number of cams and cam followers. You will understand the joints, joint limits, and motion study. You can learn parametric design and its importance. A parametric model of “A drop of love” automaton will be made so that you can conceptualize your own models and apply your creativity to the model.
This model has won a few accolades like the second prize in the prelim round of the Global community challenge conducted by Autodesk, the consolation prize in the Fusion 360 animation challenge, and remained the featured entry on Instructables.
This course will introduce you to making mechanical toys in Fusion 360. You can build on this experience and conceptualize many ideas of toys.
If you are looking to learn Fusion 360 to bring your ideas to life, this course is for you.
This course also comes with the added benefit of 7-day refund policy. Just mail me: mechatheart@gmail.com

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Course Content


  • Acknowledgements


Let’s get started

2D Sketching

Let’s move to 3D

Let’s create a rectangular box

Create Simple Cam

Thinking of making?

Multiple Cams

Parametric Design

Parametric design of Automaton

Conclusion and way forward