Fusion 360 Getting Started Webinar is for those who are looking to start using Autodesk Fusion 360. The session starts with how to download and install the software. A walkthrough to various modules inside the software will focus on the capabilities and tools available. If you are a student wanting to learn CAD or a professional who wants to explore new software, this webinar is for you.

I have been teaching Fusion 360 for 2 years. It is a Unified Product design software. It is cloud based futuristic software. As it is a free software for students, you can download on your home PC and learn. Join me for this webinar to know more facts, features and applications of Autodesk Fusion 360.

Followed by this webinar would be paid training webinars in the coming weeks. Attend this webinar and grab some discount for coming webinars.

The joining link will be sent to your mail-id a few hours before the webinar. Please contact me in case you do not receive the link at mechatheart@gmail.com

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