What change in our present situation could have been possible with advancements in Industrial Revolution 4.0?

“industry 4.0” factories have machines which are augmented with wireless connectivity and sensors, connected to a system that can visualise the entire production line and make decisions on its own.


Thus goes the definition. Many smart hacks have been suggested and other threats like data security and unemployment anticipated.

I feel the following things would have been possible in the present lockdown state if we could have achieved the solutions stated in implementing Industrial Revolution 4.0

6) Manufacturing of goods would have taken place while the supervisor would be monitoring from his phone. Work from home tasks allotted to workshop personnel. No crashing of the production line.

5) Demand and Supply would have been calculated by the machines. Orders on mobile would reach the production hub directly and drones would have delivered. No panic shopping.

4) As less intervention of humans or remote monitoring would have been enough, industries wouldn’t have stressed. No decline in stock markets.

3) Patients would have been treated by Sanitized robots while doctors would have programmed and monitored them from remote places. Fewer deaths of health care providers and more scope of sharing the information across the globe regarding unknown pandemics.

2) By 3d printing living tissues, more experiments would have been possible while researching for medicine. Faster inventions of vaccines.

1) The Most important: Ration would have been supplied by the government to daily wagers (whose lives have been most affected) through auto-driving (of course sanitized) vehicles.

It is time we understand that advanced technologies and machinery do not really snatch someone’s bread and butter, but help in feeding them during crises.

I am sure more people will work towards making the Fourth Industrial revolution a reality once we overcome the Corona crisis.

What more ways could advancements in Industrial Revolution 4.0 have helped in lowering the present crisis? Please share in comments.


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