Optical Illusion- My lesson

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Optical Illusions have been my interest since long when I first used to see them published in magazines. When I started designing a website for kids, I collected many from the web and put them on the site. My website also started ranking in the first page for “optical illusions for kids” keyword. The website doesn’t exist anymore.

When I started designing in Fusion 360, I came across this particular video.

Wow, this was a “Fusion” of optical illusion and Fusion 360. Thanks to this channel which inspired me to make my own.

Reading more on web ( don’t know what I would have done if I existed before the internet age), I learned more. I came to know about this great Mathematician Kokichi Sugihara who designs these optical illusions. Here is a short description of how he uses computers for creating “supposed to be impossible” objects.


Though clear measurements of the illusion were not provided. I somehow managed to make my own in Fusion 360.

CREDIT: https://edition.cnn.com/style/article/kokichi-sugihara-optical-illusions/index.html

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What's the lesson?

Since long I have been reading self-help books. Here are the two lessons I learned from them which are being proved by using Optical illusions.

  1. Move away from limiting beliefs: Many things seem impossible in nature. But computers, unlike humans, are not prejudiced. They just see things in every view possible and show the solutions. The great scientists and inventors do the same. They do not have limiting beliefs. Hence, they provide us with the solutions no one has conceived.
  2. Putting the problem in the right perspective: Optical Illusions look completely different from different views. Whenever we encounter a personal tragedy or failure, putting the event* in the right perspective is so VERY Important. Successful people come out stronger and many are just broken. The former handle the situation in a different way and move on.

I hope these optical illusions will inspire me to contribute more to the world.

Courtesy: *Event :Failure is just an event. It is not a characteristic. People can’t be failures. @JudgeVPratt



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