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Hi, I am very passionate about Mechanical Engineering and find it in every walk of life. Whether you are a student, educator, product designer or someone who just loves understanding how things work and interested in making things, I hope we can learn, share  and explore the beautiful world of Mech together.

Autodesk Fusion 360 Tutorials

Autodesk fusion 360 is a one stop solution for CAD, CAM and CAE requirements. You can easily make things, assemble them, analyse and render them and finally print them using 3D printer or manufacture on CNC Machine. You can easily collobrate with all the members working on a project in any part of the world as it is cloud based. You can find easy to understand tutorials in English and Hindi. Download Autodesk Fusion 360 for free here and explore the software.

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Why learn from my channel?

With my experience in teaching CAD softwares offline, I have discovered ways of presenting the things to students, working professionals and just enthusiasts. I only expect knowldege of basic engineering drawing from the user

Fast & Easy Work

Learn quickly if you are moving from another CAD software or just getting better on Fusion 360 using less than 3 min videos

From Scratch

Learn elloborately using the step wise procedure. Ping me in comments if you have doubts and I am ready to explain things

Create Result

Practise the associated exercises to a get a grip on the video you have just watched. Out of syllabus questions tickle your mind.

Request a Tutorial

You can request me to make a video about a tool in the comments. I will prepare one and post you a link

How well do you know Fusion 360?

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