Ribs are used to give strength to an element when subjected to loads. They take up some load from the body and hence increase the life of the product. You can see them under chairs, tables, ladders. They are used in all kinds of material products like plastic, metal, wood etc., We can see them in structures used by Civil Engineers.

Recently, my daughter has been gifted by this foldable stool. I am totally amazed by its design. This small piece of furniture is so well designed. I think the heavy loads it can take is only due to the number of ribs and web created underneath.

Here’s a video showing its demo

What is even more impressive is its price. It only costed Rs.300 in D-Mart offer. Less than a Large Pizza!

Innovation is possible in anything and everything. This good design has so many advantages.

  1. It can take really heavy loads when compared to an ordinary stool of its size.
  2. This is a foldable stool, so does not occupy space when not needed. Good solution when your house is already loaded with enough furniture or
  3. It is easy to carry. I have heard that people are carrying it when boarding on buses with children. They can surely make some space and allow the kid to sit comfortably.

Though there are some negative reviews on youtube, I loved the concept.

I am thankful to the designer who has made this possible and also for inspiring me to look into improvements in everyday things using design.

Have you seen ribs and web in everyday components? Please post their names in comments.


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