Notebook Water Bottle

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I am not endorsing any product but I am just writing down my views about the design of this.
My first reaction when I saw this water bottle on was WOW! I mean I had never seen(or even conceived) this shape for a water bottle. How cool is this! And why has this idea come so late to us, I mean decades after a plastic water bottle has been in use as an everyday commodity?
This water bottle fits well in the laptop bag or even in a ladies handbag instead of the round bottle. This can be just held in your hands with books, the way we used to carry them to college way back when backpacks were not popular with girls.

The manufacturing might be a little bit difficult when we are going for mass production and so the high price when compared to round bottles. The capacity to hold water of these bottles is little less and then not expandable too. The manufacturer has mentioned it is dishwasher friendly. I still have my own doubts about the cleaning issue, not the usual bottle brush friendly, but soon brushes for these might come or maybe I should design one…
The holes provided are good for carrying or tying it to bag or bicycle
Above all, I loved this idea.
The name given- Notebook bottle A5 is so apt, can’t think of anything better.
You can get one for yourself here
Link 1
Link 2

Fusion 360 Notes: This product has been rendered using the Dielectric priority control for showing water and transparent bottle correctly. Here’s the tutorial for the same

Autodesk Water Rendering tutorial

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